Wine Gifts for Weddings: Sensible Etiquette Pointers to Keep in Mind

Aside from taking into account the above factors, there is also the matter of presentation to consider. Regardless of the type of wine you’ve selected, you’ll want to encase such a precious bottle in an elegant bag. After all, you can hardly expect the newlywed couple to fully appreciate a wine gift that is unadorned and rather cumbersome to carry. As such, be sure to look for a delightful wine tote.

A wine tote, simply put, is a type of open wine carrier that comes in different styles, trimmings, motifs, and sizes. Designers and manufacturers of high-quality, luxury wine carriers such as Tipsy Totes offer a wide selection of wine containers that are perfect for any occasion. One can choose, for example, a classic wine tote design to keep things low-key and tasteful, or go all-out and opt for a wine carrier designed to look like a tuxedo in keeping with the formality of the occasion.