Tokens of Love & Friendship: Express It with Personalized Wine Gifts

Besides a bottle of wine, you can also give classy and stylish accessories like a wine tote to help your recipient carry drinks with style and ease, and to boost what you need to say. Several stores that carry an assorted variety of creative gifts for wine lovers, like Tipsy Totes, can help you pick the right accessory to go well with your superb presents. You can even commission some of them to create custom-made items and produce handcrafted bottle carriers that can stand as distinct pieces of art.

Well-thought-out gifts not only make their recipient happier, but also strengthen the bond between two people. Give your loved ones gifts that you’ve put thought and heart into, and they will cherish and value your gifts for a long time.


Tipsy Totes Offers Creative Ideas for Wine Gifts this Valentine’s Day

Tipsy Totes is offering innovative ideas for wine gifts ideal for Valentine’s Day. The company offers a wide array of unique and personalized products for individuals who wish to deviate from the traditional chocolates and flowers given during the holiday.

Known for giving creative twists to wine accessories, Tipsy Totes has helped wine enthusiasts transport drinks with style and ease. With each specially designed wine tote, they help individuals express how they feel by making a statement. Highlighting elegance and style, the company has created a line of wine totes that are versatile and can hold all kinds of drinks, including wine, vodka, scotch, and tequila.


Wine Gifts Maker Gives Wine Tote Inspired by “Pin Up” Star to Charity

Tipsy Totes, a creator of stylish wine gifts and spirit carriers, recently donated to charity one of the three customized bustier totes they modeled after “Pin Up” star Claire Sinclair’s favorite costume. The Animal Foundation, Sinclair’s chosen charity, will auction off the custom tote in April 2014.

The company collaborated with Sinclair, Playboy’s 2011 Playmate of the Year, to design the tote as they celebrated the opening of their new location at 1549 W. Oakley Boulevard and reaffirmed their commitment to the Las Vegas community. Sinclair chose to recreate her popular patriotic bustier costume, featuring the American stars and stripes, which she wears in her show at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino.


Tipsy Totes Offers Santa Bags for Wine Gifts this Christmas Season

“Las Vegas, Nevada (November 8, 2013) – Tipsy Totes is offering holiday-inspired wine bags to compliment wine gifts for the Christmas season. Wine bags add appeal to an ordinary bottle of wine and they are a fun way to personalize or spice up your wine gifts! Tipsy Totes are offered in a variety of designs full of Holiday Cheer.

The Santa Wine Bag is a red satin suit with fuzzy white trim, Santa’s trademark belt with matching handle. Santa Wine Bags offer a size that is big enough to accommodate most 750ml wine bottles. The Santa with Hat Wine Tote is another great option for the holiday wine lovers – often mistaken for Kris Kringle himself. He comes complete with the white beard, Santa suit, hat and belt. His “arms” double as the handle for carrying the wine tote while his hat hides the wine bottle. Even Santa’s black boots peak out from under his Santa suit.”