Popular Wine Gifts Shop Releases New Line of Trendy Chef Hats

Tipsy Totes, a popular shop of wine gifts, releases a new addition to their fun and trendy line of bottle carriers in the design of chef hats. The company recommends that this be paired with their BBQ aprons and oven mitts designs for a full foodie experience.

The chef hats come in two designs: The Vertical Pleats that features pleats symbolizing the years of experience and knowledge of a chef; and the Classic Torque Hat, which remains a symbol of authority and is the most recognizable design. Both can hold most 750ml bottles, including champagnes, and feature zippers on top for easy storage, as well as a secure wrist wrap for easy carrying. The hats are also fully customizable and can be designed accordingly.


Wine Gifts for Weddings: Sensible Etiquette Pointers to Keep in Mind

Aside from taking into account the above factors, there is also the matter of presentation to consider. Regardless of the type of wine you’ve selected, you’ll want to encase such a precious bottle in an elegant bag. After all, you can hardly expect the newlywed couple to fully appreciate a wine gift that is unadorned and rather cumbersome to carry. As such, be sure to look for a delightful wine tote.

A wine tote, simply put, is a type of open wine carrier that comes in different styles, trimmings, motifs, and sizes. Designers and manufacturers of high-quality, luxury wine carriers such as Tipsy Totes offer a wide selection of wine containers that are perfect for any occasion. One can choose, for example, a classic wine tote design to keep things low-key and tasteful, or go all-out and opt for a wine carrier designed to look like a tuxedo in keeping with the formality of the occasion.


Wine Gifts Retailer Offers $10 Discount on BBQ Aprons for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching, Tipsy Totes, a leading retailer of quality wine gifts, is offering a special discount on its popular barbecue aprons. From June 15-30, the aprons will be marked down from $49.99 to just $39.99—a 20% saving.

These aprons are perfect for those wanting to buy a memorable gift for the most important man in their life, as well as for wine- and beer-loving dads who want to treat themselves on Father’s Day. They come with four sizeable pockets that can easily stores spices and barbecue utensils. More importantly, they have a built-in koozie that keeps cans and bottles chilly even as users flip patties or steaks on the grill.


Fine Wine in Lovely Wine Totes: Excellent Gifts for Special Occasions

A typical wine tote is a cylindrical carrier made from any sturdy cloth or fabric. These days, a number of vendors such as Tipsy Totes offer a variety of customized wine tote options in eye-catching designs that are sure to delight the recipient and at the same time complement the mood or theme of the celebration.

Satiny wine totes with matching accoutrements like lace, feathers, and pearls, for instance, make the perfect bottle carriers for hen parties or a simple girls’ night out. Meanwhile, rock n’ roll or cowboy-themed wine carriers and matching bottle stoppers should appeal to most guys. Whatever the occasion, quality custom wine totes from a company like Tipsy Totes make it more fun for hosts and guests to toast to each other’s good health and fortune.


Tipsy Totes Adds Golf-Themed Line to Selection of Fine Wine Gifts

“Las Vegas, Nevada (April 1, 2014) – Tipsy Totes, a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada, recently added a new line of products to their growing inventory of fantastic wine gifts. Featuring a golf-themed design, the attractive yet practical line features items any golfer and wine fanatic would love to have.

The new product line is dubbed 19th Hole, after the golfing slang for “enjoying a drink after the game.” As of the time of this article’s writing, one product on the line has already been made available on the Tipsy Totes website.”


Cute Wine Gifts Can Make Your Wedding Gift Stand Out Among the Rest

The reason why a wine gift such as a wine tote bag is a great idea is because it not only takes into account the interest of the couple, but also because it is very practical. In fact, these tote bags can carry up to three wine bottles, perfect for those couples who often go outdoors to enjoy a sip of their favorite red. It shouldn’t be too bad to give a share to other friends, too, as in, say, a picnic setting.

A wine gift is a godsend to a wine lover, so friends and family of a soon-to-be-married wine lover should contact a service like Tipsy Totes to learn more of their options.


Tokens of Love & Friendship: Express It with Personalized Wine Gifts

Besides a bottle of wine, you can also give classy and stylish accessories like a wine tote to help your recipient carry drinks with style and ease, and to boost what you need to say. Several stores that carry an assorted variety of creative gifts for wine lovers, like Tipsy Totes, can help you pick the right accessory to go well with your superb presents. You can even commission some of them to create custom-made items and produce handcrafted bottle carriers that can stand as distinct pieces of art.

Well-thought-out gifts not only make their recipient happier, but also strengthen the bond between two people. Give your loved ones gifts that you’ve put thought and heart into, and they will cherish and value your gifts for a long time.